• Deter Credit/Debit Card Fraud
    with Card Alert Stickers
    Easy to Use
    Professional Look
    One time product purchase (not a service)
  • Card Alert Stickers
    for 2 Credit/Debit Cards
  • Cracking effect
    when card has been tampered with

What are Card Alert Stickers?

We all know someone who has had their credit/debit card information stolen while using their cards in public. Finally, there is a product to protect against this. Card Alert Stickers consists of three types of stickers that the cardholder applies to their credit/debit cards that INSTANTLY: 1) conceal the card numbers; 2) request signature verification; and 3) conceal the security code.

Additionally, the camouflaged stickers have a TAMPER-EVIDENT FEATURE that provides immediate visible "CRACKING" evidence when information may have been compromised by someone attempting to remove the stickers from the card.

Card Alert Stickers also prevent certain types of data-skimming and the camouflaged stickers make the card numbers virtually impossible to read. Shop, dine and travel with greater peace of mind using a protected card with a professional appearance. Card Alert Stickers do not interfere with retail checkout swiping. Don’t delay, take charge and guard your cards today.

Why do I need Card Alert Stickers?

Credit card fraud is one of the simplest forms of identity theft. Some criminals obtain credit and debit card numbers to max out the card and withdraw all money in the bank account, while other criminals use pieces of information obtained from the cards to steal consumers’ identities.

Card Alert Stickers, placed over critical information on a debit or credit card, are an effective form of credit card fraud protection for consumers who use their cards in public. Card Alert Stickers consist of three types of stickers that the cardholder easily applies to their credit/debit cards to:

  1. Hide card numbers
  2. Request signature verification
  3. Conceal a card’s security code

For just $4.95 and no monthly fees, Card Alert Stickers provide protection for the critical data on two credit cards, allowing users to shop, dine and travel with greater peace of mind.

How do I apply Card Alert Stickers?

Simply place the stickers over the critical data on your credit/debit card